Hey there,

     My name is Michelle Dorothy Scanlon. I am in the business of capturing moments in time through a camera lens. I am a New England lifestyle photographer located in Connecticut. I enjoy bringing my clients out in the fresh air hiking through the mountains, dipping our toes in the refreshing water of a lake, or getting sandy watching a sunset on the beach. Although I love being in the outdoors, I also love having more intimate sessions in my clients home all cozy on the couch, making a fun mess in the kitchen, or going on a fun date capturing the little moments that you want to remember. 

     My clients are always welcome to bring along their furry, feathery, scaly friends as I am a lover of all animals! 


     I can always relate to my clients who are nervous they are going to be super awkward in front of the camera (there is a reason why I am behind the lens, I am no instamodel whatsoever). To calm the nerves I will get them to be as comfortable as possible. I don't want the session to feel like a photoshoot, I want them to not even think I am there to be able to capture the real genuine emotions! 

***for any nervous guys out there check out what my guys got to say***


     My job as a photographer is to capture your memories and your vision for what you want. If its the growth of a family, tying the knot, celebrating your birthday, or a new addition to your family. I want to be there to celebrate all your big occasions!

     I don't want to be only your photographer, I want to become someone who you feel comfortable being yourself with, laugh with, and create a connection with. Watching my clients grow and be able to capture their families moments is such a blessing!